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For all your diamond drilling, cutting, sawing, grinding, crunching & bursting and breaking requirements and

hydraulic power packs and tools.

Tel: 01604 767 600        Mobile: 07831 567 765


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110 volt 1.8kw 3 speed wet diamond electric core drill

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110 volt 3KW 3 speed medium sized electric diamond drill and stand (drills up to 200mm diameter)

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Medium hydraulic drill stand, angles and swivels - you can drill lots of holes from the same fixing

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Free standing petrol powered drill stand for drilling pipes and core sampling and drilling roads. Completely self contained

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Ultra lightweight and portable petrol powered drill stand for core sampling and drilling roads

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CX18-C2 2 speed 1800W handheld drill motor

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CX20-C3 3 speed 2000W handheld drill motor

How to hire


Hire over the phone on 01604 767 600 / 07831 567 765 or through our E-bay shop.


We can arrange delivery and collections of hire equipment, please just ask for further information.




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That's ok, any enquiries can be sent via our contact form or via email to: we aim to get back to you asap.

Diamond Core Drills


Major Diamond Supplies has a wide range of diamond core drills available for hire

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Hydraulic hand held diamond core drill

Two models - 600-900rpm and 1500-2250rpm

Hole size 2-6" (50-150mm) and 1/2"-3" (10-75mm)

Watch the demonstration for the MDS hydraulic hand held drill here:

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Small hydraulic drill and drill stand lightweight can drill up to 150mm holes

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Heavy duty diamond drill stand with 6 speed hydraulic motor set to drill up to 500mm diameter

Watch the demonstration of the heavy duty diamond drill stand with 6 speed hydraulic motor here:

Above: Road core sampling - battery powered diamond core drill core sampling equipment

Single speed large and small, slow and fast and 2 speed and 6 speed hydraulic motors are also available to hire as stand alone items for customers who already have drill stands